WofA Launches Conversations to Lead & Inspire

WofA is excited to introduce "Conversations to Lead & Inspire"! These quarterly digital events will feature a speaker who is nationally recognized in the area in which they are presenting. Each of the topics will be carefully selected to meet the needs and requests of you, our members. As the 2021 events are proudly sponsored by Caterpillar and Blacklidge Emulsions, there is no charge for you to register and attend. The first one has already been scheduled!

Digitally join us and Meg Soper on March 31 from 2:00-3:00 p.m. EDT as she discusses "Work-Life Balance? You’ve Got to be Kidding!" Meg’s presentation will celebrate the accomplishments of Women of Asphalt as they are called to adapt to the new normal while sharing her tips for bolstering resilience so we can be at our best – all delivered with her trademark humor. She will share ideas and best practices that she has adopted using her "Key Elements of Life" model to demonstrate how the choices we make about nutrition, exercise, and sleep all play a vital role in helping us build our resilience and maintain a positive mindset. She will bring home the message of how important it is to take time for ourselves each day so that we find the energy and inspiration to perform to the best of our abilities, even as the lines between our personal and professional lives become blurrier. To learn more Meg and her impressive accomplishments, please click here

Registration is free and limited, so register NOW!