WofA Working Groups

It takes a lot of work by a lot of people to further the mission and goals of WofA. The free programs and benefits our members are able to take advantage of are due to WofA's financial partners and the incredible efforts by the following working groups. Each working group is led by a member of the WofA Board of Directors.

Communications Working Group

The WofA Communications Working Group is responsible for creating and publishing communication pieces as needed. This group also ensures consistency and uniformity of brand and provides support and feedback to all the WofA Working Groups. 

Workforce Development Working Group

The Workforce Development Working Group creates and implements unique ways to recruit an increased number of women in the industry and to assist in retaining those already in it.

Membership/Marketing Working Group

The WofA Membership/Marketing Working Group develops marketing initiatives to help grow WofA membership, as well as identify potential target audiences to receive this information. 

National Events Working Group

The WofA National Events Working Group plans and coordinates events at the national level to provide educational and networking opportunities. Due to COVID-19, this working group is currently on hold. 

Partnerships Working Group

The WofA Partnership Working Group is a fund-raising committee which exists to help support the financial needs of the organization. The members of the committee work together to actively seek out individuals and companies who wish to partner with WofA by means of monetary donations. These funds, in turn, get used to sustain and grow the organization for the betterment of the current and future women in the industry. 

Programs Working Group

The WofA Programs Working Group is responsible for developing and managing all the WofA programs that support  and help retain women in the industry. This committee works together to create, implement, and maintain programs that match WofA's mission and goals and the industry's wants and needs. 

If you are a WofA member and are interested in participating in any of the  working groups or would like additional information, please click the following button and complete the form.