Women in the Field: Women Who Build America's Roads Video Series

This four-part video series showcases women from across the country who are building America's infrastructure. Each five-minute video features engaging and insightful interviews with a few of these inspiring women.


In the fourth and final video in this series, watch as Paver Operator Wendy Bloedow from Rock Road in Madison, WI, discusses her experiences in the industry, advise for those already in the industry, and how she encourages the next generation of women to join the industry.

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In this third video in the series, watch as Apprentice Operator Julia Hutchinson from Lakeside Industries in Issaquah, WA, shares her varied, non-traditional experiences in the asphalt industry and why it is such a great industry in which to work.

In this second video in the series, watch as Quality Control Technician Tiffany Ryan from Blacklidge Emulsions in Gulfport, MS, shares her inspiring asperations and the importance of relationships and trust in the work she performs.

In the first video, Roller Operators Beth Oyster and Renee Aguis-Chanfrante from Ajax Paving in Ft. Myers, FL, share why and how they entered the asphalt industry, why the industry is a perfect fit for them, and some of their unique experiences being females in a predominately male-dominated career.  

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