Our Story

Engineering, science and construction have historically been male-dominated industries. Over the past few years, there’s been an increase in the number of women moving into these fields. The asphalt industry is no exception. Although women do not represent a majority, they are beginning to represent more positions across the industry, from the field to the C-suite.

In her role as National Director for the Asphalt Pavement Alliance, Amy Miller works with a variety of people within the industry. In 2017, she discussed the idea of the WofA with several other industry ladies, who were all extremely receptive and felt that this could help our industry in a variety of ways – encouragement, support, workforce development and education. With that in mind, they formed Women of Asphalt, a coalition to lead and inspire women in the asphalt industry.

Since the summer of 2017 Miller, along with Ashley Batson, JD, Dr. Audrey Copeland, P.E., Natasha Ozybko, and Tracie Schlich have worked together as Founding Members to develop a platform to help recruit, educate, and promote women in the asphalt community. This has truly been a labor of love for each of these women. They bring unique industry experiences and perspective to share with others in hopes of inspiring those already in the industry and attracting others looking to build a long-term career.


Empowering women in asphalt industry careers.


  • AWARENESS - Increasing awareness of opportunities in the industry.
  • KNOWLEDGE - Elevating knowledge through education and resources.
  • COMMUNITY - Providing platforms to create supportive relationships and growth.

Meet Our Founding Members