WofA goals include:

  • AWARENESS - Increasing awareness of opportunities in the industry.
  • KNOWLEDGE - Elevating knowledge through education and resources.
  • COMMUNITY - Providing platforms to create supportive relationships and growth.

By becoming a member of Women of Asphalt (WofA) you are joining an organization which strives to advance and support women in the asphalt industry. There is NO COST to join and invaluable benefits to be had including connecting with women around the country working in various positions within the asphalt community, mentoring programs, networking events within your state and at World of Asphalt, and employment leads.

 WofA Partner Highlight

WofA is proud to be partners with Heritage Construction + Materials (Asphalt Materials, Inc., Bituminous Materials, Champaign Asphalt, Emulsicoat, HG Meigs, Heritage Research GroupJBandMilestone Contractors, Pavement Maintenance Systems, TriState Asphalt, & US Aggregates) and appreciate their always generous support. Below, in their own words, are some of the many reasons why:

"Heritage Construction + Materials has built a culture that believes in the value of every person – including the hardworking women that help us deliver results every day. We bet on people and are committed to empowering them.

Women of Asphalt is a tremendous organization that supports our efforts. WofA provides development opportunities, mentorships, resources and connects amazing women across the industries we serve. At Heritage Construction + Materials, we encourage women from all levels of our business to take advantage of the ability to engage with WofA and be involved with this high-quality organization at both a national and local level.  

We couldn’t be prouder of our ladies who have stepped up to participate in events, lead discussions, earn recognitions or be a part of the mentorship program. We are grateful to WofA for providing opportunities that allow our women to grow and aspire to higher heights. Heritage Construction + Materials looks forward to supporting the group’s efforts to create more possibilities for women in asphalt."

 Thank you,  !



WofA Branches

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